Sample Work

WYPR 88.1

Pugh tours the Penn/North violence reduction zone

Cuba: Finding my Roots
A Bottle of Rum and a Little Rumba

Water bill woes dampen holiday spirit

New police training targets mental illness

Amendments added to gun billwith Morning Edition Host, Nathan Sterner

ICE creates chilling effect on restaurant and Latino communities

Overcoming trauma by getting out of Baltimore

Fear in a Welcoming City: Baltimore’s Immigration PolicyMidday

Freelance Work from Turkey


Syrian parents in Turkey worry their kids are losing their culturePRI’s The World

Coping with loss of limb and life in the shadow of Syria’s warTRT World

Swapping schoolbooks for sewing– US News & World Report

The shattered pieces of a war-torn education– The Atlantic

Breaking News for NPR

Breaking Newscast-NPR
Reported, VO, Produced, and Edited

PBS Newshour


World leaders wary of a Donald Trump presidency

Chernobyl’s haunting impact 30 years later

Steelworkers’ stories of disappearing jobs comes to life onstage in ‘Sweat’


Team Refugee to debut at Rio Olympics

Executions spiked in 2015, highest level in 25 years Amnesty International report finds

Want to Practice Arabic? Syrian Tutors are Ready to Lend a Voice

Report: Female Genital Mutilations affects at least 200 million women

Tunisia marks five years since revolution, but challenges remain


Feature Stories

ATM robberies becoming more brazen around the globe

5 things you may want to know about Tim Cook before commencement season

Podcasts: 5 Things You Need to Know this Weekend

USA TODAY Breaking News Team:

Winter storm moves up East Coast

 Weather forecast: Snow easy travel

Spanish to English Translation:

Powerball Winners Updated Version

Arabic to English Translation:

Twitter co-founder threatened by Islamic State

Al Jazeera America’s America Tonight Show

Summer 2014 internship with America Tonight Show at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.. I had the opportunity to write for online, working on breaking news, and research for evergreen stories.

A Year Later, the Lessons Learned in the Ashes of Lac-Megantic

Protests: Continue for a Fourth Night in Ferguson

Ferguson Spotlights Police Militarization

The GW Hatchet

Working for the GW Hatchet since the beginning of my freshman year has given me a unique opportunity to see a wide array of stories effecting GW students and Foggy Bottom residents.  Here a few snippets of my favorite pieces.

Farm to Fork

GW Women in Business

Same Sex Marriage

Middle East Broadcasting

Working under the mentorship of Nadia Bilbassy as one of my first internships really encouraged and inspired me to work in broadcast media and learn the ins and outs of correspondence from an international perspective.  Also learning how to create interesting stories for a Middle Eastern audience. Here are a few of the stories I have worked on.

The Light in Her Eyes

Samira Ibrahim from Egypt

An Arab A Jew and A Truck

The Fiscal Times

Working for the Fiscal Times in Summer of 2013 I learned about writing techniques, website audience, traffic, and statistics.  I went out of my comfort zone for writing stories and researching about statistics, numbers, and data, but here were a few take-away’s from my time there.

17 Great Travel Apps for Your Vacation

Gettysburg Remembered: The Battle By the Numbers

Retailers Look to Boost Early Back-to-School Sales 

Personal Projects

Here are a compilations of projects in and outside of class that I have completed. Enjoy.

Audio: The Legacy of the Huey Helicopter

Reclaim Childhood


Founding Farmers- NRA Show 2013 Promo



GW Women Veterans




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